Vijay Jagtap plays the sitar while his father, Jagnnath Jagtap, play the tablar

Vijay's Biography

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Vijay Jagtap’s early days with the sitar...

Vijay Jagtap has always been a natural sitar player. He has loved to play since he was as young as seven years old and has shown a great deal of dedication to become a sitar musician with exceptional skill. His early enthusiasm and obvious talent was encouraged by his family in India and his musical training has helped him to develop the skills and inner strength to understand the classical traditions of Hindustani music and to play the sitar professionally at recitals and concerts all over the world.

Working with a sitar master...

Vijay completed his Master’s degree in 1982, getting a distinction that was rewarded when the renowned sitar master Shri Arvind Dighe accepted him as his disciple. This proved to be a turning point in Vijay’s life, the point where he began his education in the ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’ style. Disciples of this version of Indian music learn to develop their musical ability as they nurture the inner self.

Sitar recitals, concerts and professional appointments

Vijay also held his debut sitar concert in India in 1982, just after his graduation. Since then he hasn’t really looked back. As a highly talented Indian musician, Vijay has delighted audiences all over the world with his sitar recitals and concerts. His highly-acclaimed performances are sensitive and full of aesthetic appeal and musical insight. Vijay has great command of the techniques important in sitar playing, using them to showcase the many different moods and textures of Indian sitar music. Vijay is well known for creating music using an innovative blend of Eastern and Western musical instruments.

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For fifteen years, between 1989 and 2004, Vijay was Head of the Sitar Department at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan- Europe’s premier institution of Indian Music and Performing Arts. Since 2004 he has been working for Harrow music service in London.

A professional sitar player and composer...

Vijay is an extremely successful performer of Indian music, but he has become famous as a composer of sitar music. The landmark BBC series ‘Dangerfield’ featured his original sitar compositions. Vijay welcomes the opportunity to play or compose sitar music for new TV and radio projects. Click here

Music for healing and strength

Vijay’s calling as a musician goes far beyond concert halls, TV and radio performances. He has also played sitar in many Ashrams, hospitals and hospices around the world, believing very strongly in the therapeutic benefits of Indian music.

“Music is an important tool for healing and can be used effectively to spread harmony, contentment and peace”. Vijay Jagtap
Vijay Jagtap playing during a live sitar concert
A live sitar concert
Vijay sharing his skills with his students
Vijay sharing his sitar skills with students
What people say about Vijay Jagtap and his sitar music
Hear what people say about Vijay Jagtap, sitar player